ECO 365

Eco365 Water Saving

Eco365 Water Saving Aerators/Adaptors

Reduce water wastage up to 80% by installing Eco365 aerators. With no compromise on rinse ability you can save water daily.

Eco365 Water Saving Taps

Eco365 Water Saving Taps

Eco365 Taps perform better with less water usage when compared to regular taps. These taps compensate the water pressure and give defined water flow rate, therefore less water wastage & more savings on water bills.

Water Flow Restrictors

Neo Water Flow Restrictors (NFR)

NFR are designed to maintain water pressure while reducing water flow in taps and showers by upto 60%. They are installed on pipelines connecting to taps & shower to restrict the flow rate of water at source. NFRs are also recommended for taps, which do not have an option to install an aerator; also NFRs are best for places where we have chances of user tampering the tap or shower for selfish needs. They are available in flow rate 6 to 8 Litres/min.