3m full automatic water

1. 3M Full Automatic Water Softener

A Fully Automatic Household Water Softener to give soft water throughout your home. The product is a convenient solution to all your hard water problems.

3m whole house water

2.3M Whole House Water Prevention System

A unique combination of filtration and treatment of hard water to prevent scaling on your taps, fixtures and fittings. Installed for the whole house or only bathrooms, the product is an economical solution to your hard water problems.

3M Appliance Protection System

3.3M Appliance Protection System

It protects your washing machines, geysers and dishwashers from hard water stains/scaling to ensure that the appliances last longer. The perfect solution to hard water scaling issues on your vessels, and clothes.

3M Whole House Chlorine Removal

4.3M Whole House Chlorine Removal System

It removes the chlorine taste and odour from your water to give you better quality water throughout the house. It is perfect solution to bad looking and bad tasting water.

3M Whole House Filtration System

5.3M Whole House Filtration System

It removes all impurities like dirt, mud, sand and other sediments above 5 micron from water, right at the source; giving you pure water throughout the house.

3M Smart Drinking water

6.3M Smart Drinking Water Purifier

It is the responsible way to drink pure water, without wasting a single drop of water or using electricity. It gives you 99.99% Bacteria free water using proprietary IMPACT Technology.

3M Safe Kitchen

7.3M Safe Kitchen

Why use a drinking water system, when you can drink from any tap in your kitchen, while cooking, washing vegetables and cleaning with water that is treated for hardness as well. The perfect solution that treats hardness and gives you 6 lakh litres of potable water at the same time.

8.3M Bacto Free System

The system gives you 99.99% bacteria free water throughout your home. Now be assured of the quality of water throughout the house. The perfect solution for your home water that treats hardness, chlorine taste and odour and bacteria to give you perfect quality water throughout the house.